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Hundreds of Qld, NSW and Victorian businesses trust Safety In The Workplace for Safety Management and Fire Evacuation compliance; You Can Too.

Fire Training and Safety Management can often be placed into the "too hard" basket.  Safety In The Workplace can make Safety and Fire Training understandable and easier to manage no matter what industry you are in.

Whether you are big or small, every business must have a Safety Management System which includes Fire Training and Evacuation Practices so that we can all go home safe at the end of day and enjoy the very reasons we go to work - that might be family, friends, pets or simply trips to the beach. 

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Every Business needs a Safety Management System which includes Fire Training and Emergency Compliance 
Safety In The Workplace Do Both.
Which means costs are lower.
  = Fire Emergency Evacuation Training - Mandatory every year.
  = Fire Extinguisher (First Response) Training
  = Safety Management Systems
  = Risk Assessments and Safe Work Procedures
  = Safety Audits and Inspections
  = Construction Safety
  = Legislative guidance and advise.

  = Consulting and Personal Mentoring
  = Safety Manual -  as part of a complete AS4801 safety management audit.
  = Fire and Emergency Plans.
           ** including Emergency Manuals and Exit Diagrams.
  = Safety Leadership Training.

  = Safety Committee Training
  = Emergency Control Organisation Training.
  = Worker Induction Booklet
 = FSA Services (Fire Safety Adviser)

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